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Dave Domzalski

Hey there, I'm Dave Domzalski. Writing is my superpower and I use it to craft encouraging stories of people like you. I write about various topics affecting the human condition, including finding strength through pain, overcoming life's toughest obstacles, and crafting a legacy for your family.

You will recognize my name from Forbes, GOBankingRates, Yahoo Finance, Bankrate and AOL Finance. In addition, I blog at Run The Money and Financial Bin and help parents make money for their families at Parents Who Profit.  I also run the Hero Story newsletter where I highlight amazing entrepreneurs doing incredible things for their families and communities.

My goal is to help you craft your story.  Let's share your mission, hope, and even pain with the world.  

After all, we all have a past that shapes us and a story to share. Let me help you find your voice.

Writing is My Superpower.

Do you have a story to tell? If so, I want to help you tell it.

I help people and companies craft their message and create an authentic brand identity. I can certainly assist you in doing the same.

I'm An Idea Guy.

Do you need help brainstorming concepts or ideas? Well, I'm your guy.

I can assist you in coming up with creative approaches to your personal or business problems. Together, we will find a way to address your most pressing issues and come up with top notch winning strategies to get you to your goals.

I'll Get You Noticed.

Do you need exposure for your personal brand or business? I can get you in front of the right people.

With over a decade of building relationships in the online space, I can help you find the right people to see your message. Whether it's customers or investors, we will find the individuals and companies that need to see what you're offering.

Let's Connect.

I love getting to know people. Email me or DM me on my socials.

Let's start a conversation. I'm eager to learn your story.

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